Ins点赞最多的照片竟是个鸡蛋! 估价25万美元(

  The world's most popular Instagram post could now be worth more than £250,000, if sponsored, according to a leading influencer marketing agency.

  “At the current market value of followers, the egg could value one single post at £25,000 and possibly more.


  As it stands, the @world_record_egg account boasts more than 5.8 million followers, days after gaining more than 40 million 'likes' on a stock image of an egg with the caption: “Let's set a world record together and get the most liked post on Instagram.”




  Christoph Kastenholz, co-founder of the agency exclusively tells the Independent that the account's large number of followers means “the egg now reaches five times as many people as an established brand”.

  “So far the egg has only created attention, not yet relationships with its followers,” he adds, which may affects its monetary sponsored value on Instagram.


  结果是营销团队Pulse Advertising & Talent Management估计这条ins现在价值25万英镑。

  However, Kastenholz points out the value of influencer marketing lies in the trust of a character and not followers alone.

Ins点赞最多的照片竟是个鸡蛋! 估价25万美元(双语)

  As a result, influencer marketing agency Pulse Advertising & Talent Management estimates the post could now be worth a quarter of a million pounds.