Last year, Facebook researchers wrote a detailed blog about the potentially harmful affects social media can have on people.


  "In general, when people spend a lot of time passively consuming information – reading but not interacting with people – they report feeling worse afterward," the blog post stated.

  Another theory is that the internet takes people away from social engagement in person."


  "Though the causes aren't clear, researchers hypothesize that reading about others online might lead to negative social comparison – and perhaps even more so than offline, since people's posts are often more curated and flattering.

  “Your Activity”这项功能的引入旨在缓解科技公司要解决社交上瘾的压力。


  The new feature includes tools to set daily limits on how much time is spent on the app, as well as the ability to silence notifications.

  Instagram has launched a new feature designed to help users better manage their time on social media.


  The Facebook-owned app, which is used by around 1 billion people around the world, wants to give its users more control over how they interact with its platform.




  The introduction of the Your Activity dashboard follows increased pressure on technology firms to introduce tools that tackle social media addiction.

  The researchers cited studies involving University of Michigan students, in which people were found to be in a worse mood after using social media.



  Once time limits are reached, a reminder will be sent through the app. An option to continue using the app will also be available.